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About Erik




Adventure Junkie


Hi, I’m Erik

I am a crash test dummy in human form, failing hundreds of times, but continuously improving. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, yet an entrepreneurial spirit at heart. However, engineering was a no-brainer and taught me how to utilize data-driven strategies and think outside-of-the-box; I am able to pair these skills directly with my ventures. I start off each and every day planning to learn something new.

I am passionate about making a difference through innovation. I have started my own businesses, worked for large corporate companies in various positions, and have been a mentor to those looking to try something different.

In my free time, I love to read, do something physically insane, travel, and learn from others. Life is just a game, in which we are all playing a role—and I attempt to live it to the fullest.

If you’re interested in grabbing lunch and talking nonsense, send an email my way. My residence is in San Francisco, California.

My current passions/learnings:
• Cryptocurrency
• Growth Hacking (data-driven marketing)
• Statistics & Programming (R)
• Amazon FBA
• Healthy Living