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“25-Minute Workout!” “10-Minute Workout!” Blah, blah, blah. What about a 0-minute workout? I bet you’ve never heard of anything like that!

None of us have time to exercise, so obviously we need shorter and shorter workouts. I mean, can you really give away 0.694% of your time per day? (10 minutes) Of course not. I think 0 minutes sounds a lot more reasonable.


Okay, let’s get to the point. I know something you don’t know. Yet, it is so obvious and you could be doing it every single day. Don’t you want a strong core like all of those supermodels? Your back wouldn’t ever hurt, you would have a better posture, and best of all—you would look great.


Now, before you read any further, answer this simple question. How many hours per day are you sitting? 2, 3, 5, 8, 12 hours? I’m assuming you spend the majority of your day sitting—be it in the car or in the office. You might be thinking my suggestion is to stand, but most of us don’t have the luxury of standing desks nor standing cars (wouldn’t THAT be awesome?), although standing would be great to do as well.


So you’ve answered how many hours a day you spend in a chair, let’s move on. I’m assuming you’re sitting in a chair right now. How is your posture? Probably horrible. You’re likely slouching and leaning back into the chair. Am I right? What about at the dinner table? In a meeting? I am sure it is all the same.


Try to straighten your posture by straightening your back and keep your shoulders back. Imagine you have a pole running straight through your head and you cannot move. Hold that for 10 minutes and then come back to this article.


I’m glad to see you came back! How are you feeling? I know how hard it is to hold your posture, but you are spending no time to work out, yet you are using your lower back and abdominals to hold you upright. This was really exposed to me through my younger brother. He went to class for four hours once a week where he had to sit the entire time, and he never once used the back rest on the chair. I look at him now and he is one of the strongest and healthiest people I know.


If you ever find yourself breaking your posture and going back into a slouch, I’ll give you a simple hint. Use a rubber band. Anytime you break your posture, simply pull the rubber band and let go, giving yourself a little sting. The sting will give you a slight shock and will act as a trigger to straighten your back.


I’m going to keep this article short and end it here. Just think how your body could change if you just did this 0-minute workout. It has changed my life; I have more energy, and I am stronger for it. Do it for a couple of months and you won’t be disappointed.


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