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GUESS WHAT!? I’m giving you 99 business ideas that you can have.


Every single one of these ideas are million-dollar businesses. But remember, read between the lines, go deeper.


Just remember, an idea is a dime a dozen. To prove that, here at 99…


Oh, and yeah, some of these ideas may exist. Get over it, every single idea exists already. Let your creativity flow.

  1. Company that buys up interesting domain names and then focuses on marketing to make them worth a whole lot more
  2. Treadmill designer that uses that energy to power ones house
  3. Smartphone screen repair service (repair at a loss, sell cracked screens online or refurbish them, sell phone accessories at your kiosk/store)
  4. A WiFi router that connects to each other easily so houses don’t have dead spots (have you ever tried setting up 3-5 routers in your house? it sucks)
  5. An actual good universal remote (they all suck)
  6. A good photo organizing application (they are a pain to use unless you spend hours organizing or tagging photos)
  7. Leaf Cleaner (one of my first jobs… so tedious)
  8. Painting business
  9. Tree cutting business
  10. Window cleaning business
  11. Bill payment service provider
  12. Water bottle designer (every heard of S’well?)
  13. Resume writing service (or better yet, solve the need to even need a resume)
  14. Nail clippers that don’t suck (seriously, nails go everywhere and the ones that have a storage system are awful)
  15. Reinvention of hangers (slim hangers are great, but they have a lot of issues. I’ll let you figure out that one)
  16. How often do you wash your shower towel? Remember that college students don’t do it that often… pretty gross
  17. I love a cold pillow
  18. Wrinkly clothes when traveling
  19. Custom Foot Mold Inserts
  20. Ear Molds for headphones
  21. “Heat shrink” wall wrap (what if you never had to paint a wall?)
  22. Sink Sponges are smelly
  23. Socks that analyze your running patterns
  24. Pack rat Prevention Service (help those people out!)
  25. Beach Towels suck
  26. Receipt Storage System (Cloud-based, obviously)
  27. Interior Designer (think, tech)
  28. Gardening Services
  29. Bluetooth Connected Pan / BBQ (perfect cooking every single time)
  30. Toilet paper roll without the cardboard insert
  31. On-demand maid service
  32. Anti-Wrinkle Hanger
  33. Personal Training
  34. Food Truck Restaurant
  35. Weight Lifting Fundamentals Classes
  36. Summer Camps that actually teach kids something useful
  37. Instagram Influencer
  38. Washer & Dryer Built into one unit
  39. Business that solve the issues of getting non-biased reviews (most people who review are incentivized or leave poor reviews)
  40. HR Outsource Company for Startups
  41. Website that summarizes all relevant information based on what you want to learn
  42. Elderly Tech Training (does your grandma have a smartphone?)
  43. Solve my jet lag!
  44. Recruiting Crawler (crawls the web to find the best candidates for the job rather than someone manually looking)
  45. Bicycle Sharing service for universities (bikes get stolen all of the time, and others are never used)
  46. More people need to carpool together, less traffic, more real human interaction
  47. Career Fair Company for Professionals
  48. Water filtration device (Brita dominates this)
  49. Free concierge service (there are so many ways to monetize this)
  50. Sell foot traffic (now you just have to figure out how to get that foot traffic. oh wait, everyone and everything is going to be connected in a couple of years)
  51. Sell clothing trends (how do clothing manufacturers decide what is going to be the next big thing? easy, they all decide together, they can’t be wrong. Run with this idea)
  52. Recruiting Agency (fit those candidates to the perfect job)
  53. Video Creation Agency (it is pretty hard to make a video without experience)
  54. Cheaper and Smaller Apartments (we don’t need that much space)
  55. Healthy, Dry Lunches / Snacks
  56. Healthy, Cheap, Fast Food (can you make it healthy, cheap, and fast? Most people don’t think that it is possible)
  57. College & School Photography Services
  58. Event Planning Services
  59. Call Center (do you know how many businesses outsource their call centers?)
  60. Custom Candles (what if you could pick your ideal scent?)
  61. Flower Delivery Service (I always forget to buy flowers)
  62. Traveling Salon (yeah, crazy idea)
  63. Fitness Clubs for Millennials
  64. QA Outsourcing Service
  65. App Developer Service
  66. Career Coaching
  67. College Coaching (work with the student immediately when they enter high school)
  68. Day Care Businesses (babysitters are expensive, and most parents work now)
  69. Energy Efficiency Services (work with companies to become LEED certified for cheap)
  70. Budget Consultants (people suck at spending money)
  71. Copywriting Services
  72. Retirement Homes (my mom asked me to never send her to one. What if people beg to be sent to one?)
  73. Coding School for young children (coding is the way of the future)
  74. Artificial Grass Business (turf is getting better, let’s work on that quicker. Grass drinks too much water)
  75. Gray Water System Addition Business
  76. Stress Reliever Business (have people empty their stress and small things, or play with big machines—in a safe environment obviously)
  77. Real Estate Utilization Services (some bars only operate on the weekends at night, how can you help this business thrive?)
  78. Co-Working Spaces (people pay $1000/mo to rent a desk, wtf?)
  79. Tailoring Business Scanning (soon all clothes will be custom-made, what if you’re the person to create the scanner that analyzes somebody’s body dimensions.
  80. Instant Summarization (we want everything immediately, create an website that analyzes an article and only tells you what is necessary)
  81. Custom Swimsuits for Woman (goldmine)
  82. Make flossing easier for me
  83. Light Your Apartment (why don’t apartments have ceiling lights in the bedrooms?)
  84. Packaging & Shipping Company (some people don’t want to wrap up and ship something)
  85. College Summer Storage and Transportation Services
  86. Home Phone Cell Phone (home phone that connects to multiple cell phones)
  87. Liquidation Services (how many items are returned that could be sold off for less)
  88. Handyman Services (so many people don’t know anything about plumbing, electricity, or fixing anything)
  89. Easy Scheduler (so hard to coordinate meetings)
  90. Reading Ratings (don’t bother wasting your time reading something useless, articles, books, etc.)
  91. Universal Legal Documentation (avoid excessive lawyer fees)
  92. Why would you pay a real estate agent 6%?
  93. Auto-Enhance Images (so many programs can’t do this properly)
  94. Ad Monetization Agency (self explanatory)
  95. Invitation Servies
  96. EH&S Agency (environmental, health and safety outsourced, simple)
  97. Made-to-Order Pet Food Service
  98. Automator (finds simple jobs that can be automated by robots and sells the ideas to companies)
  99. Hacking Consultancy (Our hackers break down your barriers, you pay us)


Look! 99 business ideas that I came up with in an hour. Like I said, it isn’t necessarily the business idea, it is what you do with it. Use your knowledge to transform any business into something more, there are no limitations. I really urge you to think outside of the box and connect multiple concepts into one, this is how innovation is born.


P.S. I wrote this while on a plane. I didn’t have any WiFi, just the knowledge in my head. Remove any unless distractions from your life and focus on your own thoughts.