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  1. Read in bed every night before falling asleep rather than watching television or a movie

I tend to keep my current book or Kindle on my night stand so that I always remember to read 30 minutes a night. In addition, I have a calendar appointment for me to read at the point before I fall asleep. This makes it so I don’t waste my time doing something pointless on my phone.

  1. Keep a dream journal

Your mind is still working while you sleep and you come to some amazing realizations while you sleep. Unfortunately, you forget most of your dreams, but a dream journal can cure this.

  1. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts on your way to work

Audiobooks and podcasts are so vital in my life. A commute is so basic, you’re just stuck in a routine. Make this time productive and listen to audiobooks or podcasts rather than music.

  1. Write in a blog as your journal

I used to write in my notes in my phone as a private place for me to store my thoughts. I still use this, however a lot of my time goes into publishing my ideas and thoughts into my blog now. You will in turn teach people and focus on putting in as much as you can to help the reader.

  1. Learn from a Fun Site

You have to be careful with this, because it can get addicting, and you may start reading the non-productive stuff. To counter this, I be sure to only subscribe to the stuff that will actually reward me in the long term. Some fun sites include:

  • Reddit
  • Quora


These are very basic, and I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. I just want to reiterate how important it is to learn every day and sleep that night knowing you are proud of what you’ve done that day.