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92% of all New Year’s Resolutions Fail. Isn’t that kind of sad? WAIT. How did you find this post? This is September, you really shouldn’t be searching for New Year’s Resolutions this early.

Oddly, I dislike the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, because they usually disappoint us in beginning of the year due to failure and sometimes our priority tends to shift throughout the year. Despite all of this, I’ve been keeping New Years Resolutions for years, saved into my crazy organization of cloud-based notes.

Call me crazy, but this is when I start writing mine down. I like to give myself a head start because I tend to come up with a broad list of New Year’s Resolutions and take these broad resolutions and turn them into very specific S.M.A.RT. goals.

My resolutions actually aren’t that hard for me to accomplish, and I actually have been doing most of them here or there, but they are more to keep a place in my head mentally and go from an idea to a habit. In addition, it is a great way to track my progress over time (I just took a look at my old New Year’s Resolutions yesterday)


  • Run 1 mile every single morning after I wake up (Current: 5 miles/week)
  • Lift at least 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes (Current: 4 days/week)
  • Run a half marathon and reduce my time by 17 minutes; from 1 hour and 52 minutes to 1 hour and 35 minutes
  • Run a Tough Mudder (1 completed)
  • Run a Spartan Race (2 completed)
  • Compete in a Triathalon Sprint
  • Cycling race with a minimum distance of 50 miles (Currently biking 12 miles every day)


  • Yoga at least twice a month (Current: 0/month)
  • Medidate at least once a week (Current: 1/month)
  • Read for 15 minutes every single night (Current: 20 minutes/night @ 3 times/week)


  • Reduce sugar intake by 50% (Current: Unknown)
  • Increase protein intake by 10% (Current Daily Intake: 200g)
  • Increase water consumption by 15% and monitor my water intake by investing in a smart water bottle (Current Daily Intake: 100 oz)
  • Meal prep every Sunday for Monday through Friday (Currently prepping the night before)
  • Take vitamins every single day (Currently doing 5 days a every week)
  • Get more quality sleep, and keep a consistent schedule (Currently ~7 hours every night +/- 1 hour sleep/wake up time on weekdays. Weekends are non-routine—needs to be fixed)
  • Reduce drinking alcohol to once a week maximum (Average: 1.5 times / week)
  • Floss every single night (Currently: Twice a week)


  • Reduce eating out budget by 25% (Currently: $200/month)
  • Increase passive income by 100% (Currently: $1000/month)
  • Start to freelance as a side job to earn money, but more importantly gain knowledge in the field of marketing
  • Save 25% more of my paycheck
  • Increase Investing Budget to $400/month (Currently $300/month)


  • Create positive triggers around my house and workplace to reduce procrastination (i.e. Workout clothes next to me bed laid out)
  • Track all of my data accurately in an excel spreadsheet (how often I work out, run, numbers, money, everything)


  • Get “coffee” with a new person once a month
  • Give genuine compliments to people
  • Meet someone new every day
  • Connect back with old friends and stay in contact


  • Find a mentor and utilize them (Currently: 3 mentors)
  • Attend a Tech Talk once a month
  • Write more often (journal, blog, thoughts, notes)


  • Participate in a Hackathon (Role: Marketing/Programming/UI/UX)


  • Reflect each day (One thing I was grateful for that day, failed that day, deed of the day, how I’m feeling that day, best part of the day, worst part of the day, thing I’m most proud of that day)
  • Become more organized and own less “things”
  • Stop overthinking

I hope these resolutions gave you some insight. For many people, I know that they become overwhelmed with a large amount of tasks to do (why ToDo lists don’t work for most people), New Year’s Resolutions is a similar process. My recommendation is for you to break down a goal or resolution into very small attainable tasks. I don’t recommend trying to do everything at once, because you will just get burnt out quickly and fail.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is to take the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and turning it into “Quarterly Resolutions.” I think it would be an interesting process to see what changes throughout the year, because 12 months is a loooong time to know exactly what you want to accomplish over that period. Similarly to entrepreneurship, one should not make an entire business plan, rather create a lean canvas. I want to take that ideology and process it to goals and resolutions. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

How do you create New Year’s Resolutions or Goals? Comment below or send me an email!