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You may be thinking–why would I need to park my car, soon it will be autonomous and I won’t need to own a car.

Well you may be partially right, but car ownership is here to stay. Even if your car becomes autonomous, where does it goes when you are running your errands? It can’t just keep driving around forever, and it needs to be stored somewhere. Rezerv is the answer.

Regardless, you have a car right now, and I know you can’t find any parking, and I have your answer. Rezerv was born out of frustration—limited parking and rising parking prices—a platform that allows users to list and book private parking spaces.

Rezerv is a new startup based in Silicon Beach (the Silicon Valley of Los Angeles). It started out of an idea at Startupweek in November 2016, and came in first place—from that idea is has grown from a seedling into a young tree expanding its roots. It is starting in the hottest spots in Los Angeles, where parking is hard to come by (think: First Friday’s at Venice). Simply open the application, select your location, and the application will populate with parking spots close by.

Some of us in Los Angeles don’t really have a need for parking, we have one at home and work; but we do have something that others need, an addition parking space. What if I told you you could list your parking spot when you’re away at work and make money passively? Pretty awesome, right? Well now you can with Rezerv.

Rezerv Alpha version will be released in May 2017, if you are interested in becoming a beta tester, contact me!

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Rezerv